When EHD or Blue Tongue Virus strikes, will it devastate the whole herd or just a couple of your most valuable deer?

Automatic misting systems by Deer Guardian are emerging as the most effective area treatment available to secure the health of your deer.  Day in and day out, the Deer Guardian system does its job, automatically and quietly, with zero stress on your deer.  If you’ve ever lost a deer to one of these viruses or observed the effects of stress on your herd caused by flies or mosquitoes, you understand the issue.  Deer Guardian can help.

Misting for EHD & Blue Tongue

Your herd is more than an investment and your ranch is much more than a hobby.  It’s a passion.  And the health of your deer is a reflection of the constant care and attention you invest.

An important factor in securing the health of your deer lies in controlling a wide range of harmful insects and the effects they can have on your herd.  Flies, mosquitoes, ants and ticks can be more than annoying.  They cause debilitating stress.  And worse, some biting flies can transmit the devastating hemorrhagic viruses, EHD and Blue Tongue. Learn More >>

Why Choose Deer Guardian Misting Systems for EHD Control?

Deer Guardian is owned and operated by Mosqui-Tex, one of the largest misting system installers in the U.S. and MistAway Systems’ single largest customer.   Since our start in 2002, we have installed over 2600 mosquito and fly systems in a broad range of settings – residential, deer breeding, horse barns, Caribbean resorts, golf courses - even three private islands off the coast of Maine. 

We’ve worked with deer breeders in locations from west Texas to northeastern Pennsylvania, to southeastern Alabama, and you’ll find our equipment in virtually every state in between. Learn More >>

Misting System Design and Equipment

In every 60 – 90 second mist cycle, the Deer Guardian system creates a blanket of protecting mist around and throughout your pens.  For the system to be most effective, the flow of insecticide through each nozzle should be maximized – no matter how far it is from the pump.  Deer pen complexes are generally much larger than other facilities that have adopted misting, and this dramatic increase in size places a premium on both excellent flow design and equipment capability.  In both dimensions, Deer Guardian excels. Learn More >>